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Sashiko Samplers


Sashiko napkins have been one of the most common form of Japanese craft, stitching elaborate patterns on daily-use kitchen cloths. The simple running stitch patterns not only makes the fabric beautiful and special, but also makes them more durable.  People used it for cooking first, then for wiping a dining table, then in the end, for cleaning the entire house.

DARUMA's Sashiko Samplers come in two colors - white and navy. With 24 patterns to choose from you are sure to find a perfect match. The patterns are printed on durable kitchen cloth fabric (sarashi) and can be washed off after finishing. In other words, DO NOT WASH OR STEAM until you finish stitching or you will lose your pattern.

Material: 100% Cotton
Size: 31 cm x 31 cm (12.2" x 12.2")
Made in Japan 

Sashiko Needles and thread sold separately.

Sashiko thread: 
4-ply solid colors on cards, by the skein, or multi-color thread on cards 
6-ply in solid colors on cards

Type: Sewing

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