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Woolfolk yarn using the finest wool from Patagonia. Normal wool is called 30 Micron, but Ovis21 Merino is almost the same as cashmere 17.5 Micron. However, unlike cashmere, Merino is less prone to pilling. Warm and really moist wool.

TOV is a yarn made by bundling such merino with a strong twist and finishing it into a round, elastic Alan yarn. You can feel the unevenness just by knitting a cable pattern or rubber braid. The touch is also great. Please experience it.

100% Ovis Extra Fine Merino Wool
173 yards (158m) / about 100g

Aran Weight, gauge is US7-9 (4.5 ~ 5.5mm) needle 10cm = 16 ~ 14

Country of origin: Patagonia's Ovis21 farm

Laundry: Hand wash. Dry it flat.

T0 natural (no dyeing) / T1 light gray / T2 light gray / T3 medium gray
T4 Curry / T5 Sienna Brown / T6 Teal Blue / T7 Denim Blue
T8 Beige / T9 Azuki / T10 brick / T11 charcoal / T12 kelp brown

New color in 2018
T13, T14, T15

New colors are also available for purchase.
Check the color on the color palette.
In addition,Woolfolk HPBut you can check it.

Product type: yarn

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