Tulip knitting needle cap


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Tulip-shaped cute knitting needle cap!
It is light, hard to roll, and hard to come off.
There are small and large 2 types of sizes, and 3 colors are available for each size. It is nice to coordinate with the knitting yarn.

・ Small size: Pink, Blue, Green
・ Large size: Navy, White, Orange
Number of pieces / 2 (1 color)
Material / Elastomer
Country of origin / made in Japan
Corresponding needle size /
・ Small size: US0 to 7 No. JP0 to 8 No. (2.00-4.50mm)
・ Large size: US6 to 10.5 No. JP6 to 15 No. (4.00-6.50mm)

Product type: Notions

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