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THERIACA Yarn, Rope, Spaghetti


THERIACA (te ri a ka) is a fashion brand based in Berlin created by Japanese artist and fashion designer Asuka Hamada. Yarn, Rope, Spaghetti is her newest art book showcasing exploration of knitting and knitwear.

Throughout this project she shows the endless creative potential for knitwork with her colorful, artistic pieces. She experiments with not only traditional yarns but also with unexpected yet familiar materials such as foods, shoelaces, fabric, or paper. 

In addition to images of her work, this book also includes an interview with Hamada and a look into her creative process.

This book does not contain knitting patterns, but it does offer a fresh and inspiring perspective on the possibilities of knitting that both knitters and non-knitters alike will find intriguing.

Yarns that appear in the book are from DARUMA, including TUBE, a nylon yarn designed in by Hamada in collaboration with DARUMA Yarns.

By: Asuka Hamada
Publisher: YOKOTA CO. LTD.
Release: April 25, 2022
Language: English, Japanese
Size: A5/ 21 x 14.8 x 2.5 cm/ 240 pages
Photography: Jiuk Kim
ISBN: 978-4-908769-18-4

Type: Book

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