The book of HAPS

Kate Davies

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A new book by popular Scottish designer Kate Davis. This time, we have a lot of beautiful shawls on the theme of textiles from Scotland and Shetland-HAPS.

The first half is a reading of the history of the birth of a unique textile called HAPS. There are plenty of illustrations and photos, and you will be amazed by the beautiful lace pattern.

In the second half, the shawl pattern is 13. Designers include Kate Davies, Jen Arnall-Culliford, Martina Behm, Carol Feller, Lucy Hague, Romi Hill, Bristol Ivy, Gudrun Johnston, Hélène Magnússon, Donna Smith, Hazel Tindall, Tom van Deijnen, Veera VälimäkiAnd that ’s the member. There are various patterns and shapes, and there are knitted patterns.

All sentences and patterns are in English. Please note that there is no Japanese.

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