Stone Wool Romney + Merino

Quince & Co.

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Manufacturer: twig & horn
Product Name: Stone Wool Romney + Merino

Romney + Merino, the 2-th yarn, developed in collaboration with Stone Wool by twig & horn, another brand of Quince & Co.
DK Weight is easy to use all season.
Since soft merino wool is blended with shiny Romney wool, it is easy to knit and has a slightly glossy finish. Drape comes out beautifully.
We recommend knitting with a large needle.

Color is also finished in a neutral but discerning color.
Quartz 01 is a cream-based ivory that is crafted with faint black fibers.
Quartz 02 is a glossy toned brown with a slight silver spun on the brown.
Quartz 03 is a black ink with a slight silver on it. The knitted fabric does not fit and the stitches are beautiful and three-dimensional.

Yard: 250 yards [228 m] / 100g
Gauge: US5 10cm = 6, US7 10cm = 5
Material: 40% Romney, 60% Merino

Product type: yarn

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