Skaftafell kit (with Japanese pattern)


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It is a kit of Skaftafell from amirisu 2015 issue of 9 year release. It is a relaxed silhouette, but it is light and warm and comfortable to wear.
Please refer to the size below and select a size. The sweater is large, so be careful.

Kit contents
Brooklyn Tweed Quarry
XS-S: MC 5 cassette, CC1 / CC2 each 1 cassette
M: MC 6 cassette, CC1 / CC2 2 cassette
L: MC7 cassette, CC1 / CC2 2 cassette
XL-2XL: MC8K cassette, CC1 / CC2 each 2 cassette
Printing pattern (Japanese)

Kit details
Finished size:
XS (S, M, L, XL, 2XL) = Chest 85.5 (95, 105.5, 115, 125.5, 135) cm
Spare: + 5cm

knitting needle
US10 (6mm), 60cm ring needle
US10 (6mm), 40cm ring needle
US10 (6mm) 4 main needle or needle with a thickness matching the gauge

Product type: kit

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