A small knit from Shetland


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The home of patterned knitting, known as Fair Isle, is the Shetland Islands that float on the north end of Scotland. The Shetland knit, which has been handed down by the people of the island, is a yearning for knitting lovers. This book is a book that you can enjoy deeper and closer by knitting the simple and delicate pattern knitting with your own hands. However, it is difficult to work on a sweater suddenly. Therefore, we selected fashionable accessories that are easy to challenge even for beginners and are used in everyday life from Shetland's most established knit shop. Not only knitting drawings and patterns, but also the face and advice of each author I met in the field, as well as the history of Shetland knit, the scenery of the island, and travel information. Delivered with the atmosphere of Shetland, a sacred place for knitwear.

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