Reversible Cowl kit

Purl Soho

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"Purl Soho Classics-Standard Knit Knitted with Purl Soho Thread"Knitted cowl knitted in a cylindrical shape using a circular needle.
The inner color is a nice accent. Because it is reversible, please enjoy the color in the mood of the day.

Kit contents
Purl Soho Line Weight
Color A: 1 cassette
Color B: 1 cassette
Sample color is Color A: Fieldstone Gray, Color B: Ballet Pink

This kit only sells yarn and does not have a pattern.
"Purl Soho Classics-Standard Knit Knitted with Purl Soho Thread"Please purchase together.

Purl Soho Line Weight (100% Merino Wool)
Manos Del Uruguay Fino (100% Merino Wool)
The color variation kit also uses Manos Del Uruguay Fino.

Charcoal × Pink: Fieldstone Gray × Ballet Pink
Gray × White: Dove Gray × Heirloom White
Gray × Pink: Oyster Gray × Super Pink
Gray × Blue: Dove Gray × Fino (Damask)

US4 40cm or 50cm ring needle
US3 No. 40cm spare spare needle
amirisuRecommendedHiyahiyaTulip Knina SwivelWe handle in.

Remaining thread, crochet (for making separate threads)


Knitted, 28 eyes after blocking = 10cm

Around the top: 50cm
Hem circumference: 56.5cm
Height: 32cm

Product type: kit

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