Quince & Co. Tern Indigo Dyes

Quince & Co.

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Manufacturer: Quince & Co.
Product name: Tern indigo dyes

75% Wool, 25% Silk
442 yards (404m) / 100g
Made in USA

Quince & Co. Received special yarns hand-dyed with natural indigo. The next arrival is undecided because it is a limited thread.

Natural indigo has a deodorizing and insect repellent effect.
The silk feels soft and comfortable to wear.
Fingering yarn. Soft and beautiful drape comes out.

For hand dyeing, there are some differences depending on the skein.
If you are worried about bias, we recommend that you knit alternately in 1 steps.
In addition, as a characteristic of indigo dyeing, blue may be transferred to hands and needles due to contact and friction.

Product type: yarn

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