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Amy Oxford Punch Needles

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Designed by punch needle expert Amy Oxford, these punch needles feature an ergonomic design, maple handles, and electro polished stainless steel needles.

Select your punch needle based on the type of yarn you wish to use for your project and how tall you want the loops to be.

Needle Width
The needles come in two widths, Regular and Mini.
Use the regular size for bulky yarn and the mini for worsted weight or lighter yarns.

Need Length
There are three lengths, No. 8, No. 10, and No. 14. The needle length will decide the height of your loops (pile). The large the needle number, the shorter the pile will be.
No. 8 makes 1/2" loops
No. 10 makes 1/4" loops
No. 14 makes 1/8" loops

Choose whether you would like your needle to come with or without a box.
Punch needles packaged in a box come with a stitch gauge and English manual.

No. 14 Mini: Best for making short loops (1/8") with thinner yarn (around worsted weight). Needles without a box are best for those familiar with how to use a punch needle as the do not come with a manual.

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