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A new color type has been added to the alpaca pom poms.

Soft and fluffy pom-poms, affixed to hats and scarves, and the luxury of hand-knitted small items seems to improve.
It's not a fur, a fake, it's made of a real pika.
This pom-pom is made by buying the hair of a baby alpaca that died naturally at an alpaca farm in Peru. Anyway, it's really fluffy.

This color type has a snap on the back.
Because it is a large snap, it can not be removed by a little.
An excellent one that can be attached to various things by changing the sewing of the metal fittings.

* Since it is crushed at the time of arrival, please lightly apply steam and arrange the shape. The shape of the hand will return to just the wetness of your hands.

The diameter is about 10 ~ 13cm. Since it is not an artificial one, 1 hairs are different.

Product type: yarn

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