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Magnetic Shigaraki Ware Button


A cute and functional ceramic Shigaraki ware magnet shaped like a button. Handmade in Shigaraki, Shiga Prefecture, use one to hold on to a sewing needle, pins, or metal stitch markers, or just as a decorative magnet.

Diameter: 25 mm
Height: 14 mm
Made in Japan

More Details from Cohana: Shigaraki ware pottery with a button motif, made by Meizan Gama, a ceramics manufacturer founded in 1622 in Koka, Shiga Prefecture.

Shigaraki ware is distinguished by its earthy charm, which conveys a sense of simplicity and robustness. Its profoundly fascinating look has a connection with the spirit of "wabi-sabi" (the beauty of natural imperfection), and it has produced countless masterpiece tea utensils.

Magnets are inserted in the buttons, allowing you to use these items a small pin cushions when you want to give your needles a rest. They can also be used as paperclip holders or decorative magnets, or even enjoyed as interior ornaments or stationery items that add color to your living space.

About Cohana: Cohana designs and develops tools and notions with a focus on high-quality products, many of which are made in Japan by expert craftspeople.

Type: Notions

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