Braided animal bag: Knitting with needles and embroidery Animal bag and muffler


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Author: Erika Tokai
Japanese, 111 page
Seibundo Shinkosha 2016/10/7

Introduction (from Amazon)
We knitted animals that everyone loves into everyday bags. From the familiar animals such as dogs, cats, and birds to large animals such as wolf and lion, we express the appearance of more than 20 types of creatures. The bag is mainly a tote bag. The same tote bag has various variations in size and shape so that it can be used according to the application, such as changing the length of the handle and the size of the body. Also includes a few variations such as pochette and muffler. The main body is knitted with knitting. After the knitting is finished, embroidery is applied to the work where the embroidery enters. Finished with a handle knitted with a crochet and an inner bag made of cloth. Large works take a little time, and the more yarn you use for knitting, the more difficult it becomes, but when you finish it you will meet very nice animals. Every bag is almost the same except for the braided part. As the basics of making bags, we have posted how to make a “fox bag” with photos of all the processes. If you don't understand the procedure, you can return to this page and check the process. By expressing knits of realistic animals with knit, the texture of the thread is added and the expression changes into a gentle expression. Why don't you spend time with animals this winter?

About the author
Tokai Erika: Knit writer. Graduated from Women's Art Junior College, Department of Design, Clothing Design Class. Started producing knit bags in 2002. Presented works at solo and special exhibitions. His book is "Knit House Bag" (Takahashi Shoten).

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