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Popular designer Mariko Mikuni made a book with her sister, chef Nakashima Shiho.
This sur with many fans in each (meaning sister in French).
When I saw Mikuni-san's knit, I knew how they grew up when I knew that they were sisters with Shiho Nakashima.
You can read the history of your hometown and your travels.

There are also new patterns that make us happy. Waistcoat knitted with Jamieson's Spindrift. And there is a recipe for Shiho Nakashima's sweets.
Wearing, eating, and making with the theme of making are full of reading materials, how to make, and beautiful photos.

◆ Trip to explore their roots in Niigata
◆ Waist knitted for my sister (with knitting diagram)
◆ Tetsuko Kuroyanagi's memory biscuit cake (with recipe)
◆ Sister's labor song to work Lyrics: Shigesato Itoi
◆ Mariko Mikuni's new trials, skirts, etc. (with how to make)
◆ Make hot cake with Shiho Nakashima mix powder
◆ Sister Column & Essay

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