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A brand called Mrs. Moon that a lovely sister started in London. It seems that he was originally a yarn shop with 2 people, but he made yarn for the yarn he wanted to knit.

A very soft single ply blended with merino and baby alpaca. Although it is a roving-like thread, it is made slightly felt during spinning to maintain the strength of the thread. Cute in any 2 color, color development is attractive.

Recommended needles are US 15 (10mm) to US 19 (15.5mm), but needles from US 11 (8mm) to US 19 can be used. As a guide, 15cm = 10 with US 10 needles.

Please wash your hands with a detergent for wool.

Because of the nature of roving yarn, it is easy to remove hair. Once you have knitted, gently blocking it is recommended because the yarn will settle down.

Manufacturer: Mrs.Moon
Product Name: Plump

About 77 yards (70m) / 100g
80% Super Fine New Merino
20% Baby Alpaca
JP Jumbo (10mm) / US 15 (10mm) -US19 (15.5mm) / bulky weight

Product type: yarn

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