Mondrian Socks print pattern


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Designed by Yuki
Mondrian's paintings that had a major impact on the architecture of the first half of the 20 century. The combination of the primary color with the characteristic black border has been applied to various things.
Impressive socks with such a Mondrian pattern as a motif. A combination of reciprocating knitting and ring knitting has been successfully achieved to create a bold pattern with stitches. If you take a peek from the bottom of the pants, you will definitely get the attention!
Fingering Weight Yarn
(MC) Black 170yards, 155m.
(CC) White 65yards, 60m. Blue 50yards, 45m. Red 30yards, 30m. Yellow 30yards, 30m.
Sample thread
Schoppel-Wolle Admiral 4 fach / 4 ply (75% Wool, 25% Nylon 460 yards / 421m, 100g)
(MC) 880 schwarz, 1 ball
(CC) 990 wei_, 4401 blau, 1390 feuer, 0580 dottergelb, each 1 ball
2 × 2.5mm (US 1_) 16 ″ / 40cm needle
Use the needle of 2.5mm (US 1_)
Knitted 32 eyes & 46 stage = 10cm (after blocking)
Suspension: 20cm
Separate thread (preferably smooth thread) 80cm rank 3
Skill Level

Product type: pattern

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