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mYak Ra-Ku Fiocco Di Cashmere Lace


100% cashmere lace weight yarn from mYak made with Tibetan cashmere.

This yarn is similar in gauge to mYak Baby Yak Yarn Lace, so if you are looking for pattern suggestions, take a look at patterns written for mYak Baby Yak Lace.

This is a luxurious yarn for a special project that will be treasured for years to come.

From mYak: Our Tibetan Cashmere is a fiber over 36 mm long and with a gauge below 14.5 microns, characteristics that make it a yarn of absolute excellence. The yarn is spun with the perfect balance of ease to allow the yarn to bloom while still securing the fibers. This is truly the world’s most refined cashmere.

Brand: mYak
Yarn: Ra-Ku Fiocco Di Cashmere Lace

Lace Weight
100% Tibetan Cashmere / 350m / 380yds / 50g
Suggested needles: 1.5 – 3.5mm (US0-4)
Fiber from Tibet, Handcrafted in Italy

Type: Yarn

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