Mominoki Yarn FINNWOOL

mominoki yarn

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Mominoki Yarn FINNWOOL
100% Wool, 394 yards (360 meters) / 100 grams

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Mominoki Yarn is a hand-dyed yarn brand run by Chihiro and Lasse, who live in the suburbs of Berlin. He uses mainly German / Finnish wool, spins wool grown and bred in nature in a small mill in the area, and uses environmentally friendly acid dyes and natural dyes in a small workshop in Berlin. Hand-dyed.

Finnwool also takes place in Finland, from wool production to spinning, and is hand-dyed in a Berlin workshop.
The yarn is spun at a reputable small spinning mill in Eastern Finland, where only high quality fin sheep species are selected.The natural yarn that has not been pre-shrunk and has a faint sheep fragrance is warm, with a texture that combines simplicity and softness.

It is also recommended for knitting because the pattern emerges clearly even when the pattern is knitted, and the threads are easily entangled.

Product type: yarn

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