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Miss Babs

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Among the American indie hand-dyed brands, the charismatic presence of Miss Babs yarn has started! Based in Tennessee, in the south of the United States, Miss Babs (not really a mistake, but nicknamed by her husband) and her women have launched.

There are many knitters to become fans, with a commitment to base yarn, stable and beautiful colors. But since there are few shops in the United States, it is the first time that it has become a long line at events.

Yummy 2-Ply is one of the most popular base yarns, sock yarn. Nylon is not included, so it has moderate elasticity and is very soft! In addition to socks, it seems to play an active part in various things such as shawls and thin clothes.

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Manufacturer: Miss Babs
Product Name: Yummy 2-Ply

100% Superwash Merino Wool
400 yards / 4 oz (about 365 m / 115 g)
Needle size: US 1-3
Gauge: 7.0 to 8.0 sts = 1 inch

Product type: yarn

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