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Maxima is in stock from Manos Del Uruguay (Manos del Uruguay).

It is produced one by one by women who live in Uruguay.
Maxima is Worsted Weight Yarn.
Yarn that is easy to knit with a crisp feel.
With a soft and soft touch, it is recommended for knitting scarves and hats as well as sweaters.
Gentle color and hand-dyed unevenness are wonderful.

100% wool

Length: 219 yards / 200 g
Gauge: 18-20 eyes = 10 cm
Recommended needle size:US 6-8
* Hand washing is recommended.
※ Because it is hand dyed one by one, there are individual differences even in the same color.

Manos del uruguay is a non-profit organization established in 1968 to support the economic independence of craftsmen living in rural areas of Uruguay.

Product type: yarn

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