Maak Lab-Bar Soap

Maak Lab

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This is a bar soap from Maak Lab.
The easy-to-use and fragrance unique to organic products is attractive.

Maak Lab is a natural soap brand from Portland.
It uses vegetable ingredients, does not use any chemicals or additives, and spends plenty of time making soap by hand.

A natural, very scented soap.
Leave it for a while and use it as a room fragrance.
A simple and clean package will be appreciated as a gift.

A recommended soap that has a family name in soap.
Please try.

Coffee: Coffee beans, espresso scent
Doug: Peppermint scent
RoseRose: Fragrance of roses and lavender
Sea: Loofah, Eucalyptus scent
Wax: honey, cedar fragrance

Contents amount: 110g
Size: 5cm × 9.5cm × 2.5cm

※ This is not for wool, but for regular bath & facial soap.

Product type: Notions

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