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Irish hand-dyed brand, Life in the Long Grass (LITLG) sweater yarn has arrived. Beautiful and stable color is wonderful.This DK is soft and elastic, and is very easy to knit. It can be used for hats, cowls, and wear.

Recommended pattern: Jamestown Love & happiness Tolmie Tenchi

100% Super Wash Merino
230 (251 yards) / 100g

Gauge: US7 (4.5mm) needle using 10cm = 22
Needle guideline: US7 (4.5mm) ~ US10 (6.0mm)

Laundry: Since it is a super wash, a washing machine (cold water) in the net is also possible, but the manufacturer recommends hand washing. After dehydrating gently, dry completely on a flat surface.

Because it is hand-dyed, dark colors may fade at first. Please be careful.


Life in the Long Grass, a brand run in the Irish countryside by Caroline, who was originally a graphic designer, and Johnny, a former architect.

The colors produced by 2 people are inspired by the natural scenery of the countryside, old furniture and textures. It is also natural and easy to get to know each other. In the dyeing process, while trying to make the dyeing solution as clean as possible, we devised measures such as recycling water to reduce drainage. Labels also use recycled paper. That's also encouraging.

Product type: yarn

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