Knitting classroom establishment course


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Tokuco started with only 1 names at the start of the classroom, and now it has been released to practice to acquire students up to 100 names!
This course is for those who want to start a knitting class or have tried it but don't gather students well. The content focuses on how to manage and maintain classrooms as a business.
Therefore, it is perfect for those who want to do craft-related classrooms as well as knitting. For those who have already started a classroom, you can learn the points necessary for smooth operation, and for those who want to start a classroom, it is possible to start up efficiently to raise what is necessary and unnecessary at the start .
I hope that this course will help those who want to work with knitting.
Let's liven up the knitting world together!

Are you worried about this?
・ I am good at knitting, and my friends often say “Tell me!”, But I don't know how to do it.
・ I do not know what classroom style suits me.
・ I tried to start a classroom, but students did not gather well.
・ I don't know how to use blogs and Facebook pages efficiently.
・ I don't know how to advertise.
・ Students do not settle and pass.

The course contents are as follows. All teachers are in charge of Tokuco.
We will give you tips carefully on the problems you may encounter.
1: Things to think before starting a classroom
2: How to choose the venue that suits you and tips for pricing
3: What are efficient advertising methods?
4th: Points to keep in mind
5th: Tips for continuing the classroom for a long time

How to attend
When payment is confirmed, you can download the PDF. There is a Dropbox link there, so you can download the data each time by clicking.
There is a YouTube link in the PDF, so please watch the video and resume.

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