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This is an indigo yarn dyed by BUAISOU, which was also covered in the amirisu13 issue.
The yarn is a traditional Dharma silk silk. Although it is cotton 100%, it has a silky luster, and the thread is smooth and very durable.

2 color set. Also included is a giggling that comes out in the production at the BUAISOU studio.
With a sober package, you will be pleased with souvenirs and gifts to foreign countries.

Two sets of indigo shades are available. Please choose your favorite color.

Quality indication: Cotton 100%
Thread length: 100m x 2 color
Needle used: Meriken needle 4 to 9
Country of production: Japan

Outer box: w11.8 × h2 × d9.2cm

* The size, shape, color, and material (cotton, hemp, ramie, etc.) are not available. Haguire is around 100㎠.

Product type: Sewing

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