Fringe Supply Co. Woollelujah! Tote Bag

Fringe Supply Co.

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Fringe Supply Co. has re-stocked tote bags for those who love yarn!
Its name is Woollelujah! Tote Bag.
Woollelujah ... It ’s a coined word when you think about it.
From Hallelujah, it means to get wool.

Made of solid 10 ounce cotton canvas.
Large size, can be hung from the shoulder.
There are plenty of gussets, so you can go out with knitted goods and lunch boxes.
You can also store the yarns overflowing in your house and decorate them as an interior.

-made and printed in USA
-Handle width: about 4cm Handle length: about 58cm
-Size: About 56cm width About 33cm height About 21cm gusset
(There are some individual differences)

Product type: Notions

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