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Fringe Supply Co.

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A set of leather pouches and eye ring that I saw in the US in the summer and bought for themselves. I always carry it with me. In response to the voice that I wanted, I was able to handle it at the shop. It's popular because it is handmade one by one and is waiting for arrival in the home country. It is a tool that can be used for a long time.

Contents: Leather pouch (10cm x 5cm), 12 eyes ring (can be used up to 6mm needle), cotton bag

Material: Natural leather (oil finish), brass and nickel

Made in California, USA

About Fringe Supply Co.

The United States is based in Nashville and is a knitting tool shop operated by Karen Templar, known as a fashionable liter and blogger. The blogFringe AssociationIs attracting many fans as the most influential knitting blog now. Amirisu will introduce the goods of Fringe Supply Co., where Karen's sense has been fully demonstrated.

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