Fringe Supply Co. Field Bag Limited Edition

Fringe Supply Co.

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The familiar Fringe Supply Co. Field Bag, limited edition, is available.

This limited color is plum.
A calm color that seems to be autumn.

Because it is waxed, it is strong against water and has nuance.

Inside is the same as the usual Field Bag.
There is a pocket for subdividing small items and another pocket with holes. If you pass the thread through the hole, the thread does not get tangled and is functional.

Although it is a knitted bag, it can be used as a regular fashion item.
This is a reward for yourself this year.

Contents: Canvas bag: (Bottom: 23cm x 11.5cm, Mouth: 30cm, Height: 24cm)
Material: natural cotton canvas, handle: leather,
Made in USA

Product type: Notions

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