fog linen work | Metal plate

fog linen work

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Antique-style plate useful for display.
Please organize small things.

The round curve is beautiful. The square also has a gentle line and has a handmade warmth.
It is also a good feeling that you can see a little hitting.

サ イ ズ:
Circular (SSS) Diameter 6cm × 0.5cm
Circular (SS) Diameter 8cm × 0.8cm
Circular (S) Diameter 9.5cm × 0.8 cm

Square 10cm × 10cm × 1 cm
Rectangular 12.5cm × 9.5cm × 0.7 cm

1 point 1 point Because of handmade, there may be distortion, uneven painting, some scratches, etc. I think that you can enjoy as a texture of the product.

Product type: Notions

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