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Yukaran, a detergent for clothing made in Canada and made with 100% natural ingredients.
Because it contains lanolin, it can be washed while supplementing lanolin, allowing you to enjoy important clothing for a long time.
Less rinsing is required and it is nice to be eco-friendly.
It has a good fragrance and is a reliable detergent for washing finished products.

Lanolin is a purified lipid component adhering to wool. Wool and cashmere lose their lanolin every time they are washed, but you can enjoy important clothing by washing while supplementing it.

In addition, there is little foaming and water used at the time of washing can be greatly reduced. The drainage is also eco-friendly because it is environmentally friendly and prevents water pollution.

Available in 500ml (about 95 times) and 100ml (for mobile) sizes.

[About fragrance]

-Eucalyptus Eucalyptus oil is a natural natural ingredient and has an insect repellent effect to suppress moths and fleas. We recommend that you use this regularly before changing your clothes for a long time. The refreshing fragrance that awakens is active, clears your head and increases your concentration.

-Lavender Lavender with insect repellent and antiseptic effects. It is ideal for baby items such as blankets, stuffed animals and wool diaper covers and is recommended for all delicate clothing.

・ Grapefruit With a refreshing scent, it is especially recommended for washing clothes that you touch directly, such as knitwear, training wear, innerwear, and swimsuits. It is said that a refreshing and sweet scent improves the mind brightly and stabilizes the autonomic nerve.

-Jasmine Designer-Jasmine using Kristin Omdahl's design as a package. We use carefully extracted essential oils of jasmine blooming at night. Suitable for delicate fiber materials, it is a perfect natural preservative. A romantic sweet and fragrant fragrance.

・ Natural fragrance is recommended for those who are sensitive to fragrance.

[How to use] Please pour an appropriate amount of water or lukewarm water. Rinse gently for about 15. Then rinse lightly. If it is rinsed too much, the lanolin component will flow and the anti-mite and insect-proofing effects will be lost. Gently squeeze it with your hand, or dry it with a towel dry.

Can also be used in washing machines. Pour into the liquid detergent inlet. Please use the net on the dry course.

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