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Card type Dharma family yarn #30. It is a hand-sewn thread that can be used freely for stitching, embroidering and drawing, as well as for daily use as buttons and repairs. You can use it for practical purposes, but it should be cute just by decorating it!

This is a color 5 set that is reminiscent of Japan's place name, with carefully dyed yarn in Kyoto Murano.
100m x 5 card included

(Please refer to the photo annotation for the set name)
Hanayama (Image of Hanayama's natural scenery and sublime colors)
Tarama (image of the blue sea and sandy beach of Tarama Island, Okinawa Prefecture)
Mogami (flowers blooming at the edge of the Mogami River in Yamagata Prefecture and images of Funato)
Setose (The image of the green plains that change with the seasons in Hokkaido)
Akaragi (Image of the red flowers of Tosa, Kochi Prefecture and the color of the Yosakoi Festival)

Product type: Sewing

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