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Ball type home yarn #30. Reproduced the shape of the ball roll that was once released. It is a hand-sewn thread that can be used freely for stitching, embroidery, and drawing, as well as for everyday use as buttons and repairs. Dharma yarn, which has delivered reliable quality since its establishment, is strong, easy to sew, and has a beautiful gloss. We will deliver carefully dyed yarn in Kyoto Murano with a color select reminiscent of the Japanese place name.
* The thread material and thickness are the same as HOME THREAD CARD # 30.

Hanao (Flower blooming in spring in Yamaguchi Prefecture)
Kyonojo (morning dew, moss and damp mountain roads seen on the way to Mt. Kyojo)
Hakusan (blue sky and lush forest image seen from the top of Hakusan)
Kasumigaura (image of a yacht harbor along Kasumigaura)
Hyakujuro (image of Hyakujuro cherry tree in full bloom)

Product type: Sewing

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