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DARUMA PATTERN BOOK 2, a pattern book where you can find what you want to knit in winter.

I want to add it to my usual wardrobe, but it's boring. Recommended for such you. There are items of the right cuteness by Japanese designers.

At the end of the book is a sample of the yarn used in this book.
Since you can actually see the texture of the yarn, it is easy to imagine the finish and I am happy.

designer YOKOTA,Kuge Natsumi, Sugiyama Tomo, Noguchi Tomoko (eccomin)

72 page

Published works 8 points (used thread)
Shetland wool sweater (Shetland wool)
Winter knitted sweater (Merino style average)
Reversible knit cap (merino wool close to raw wool)
Loose silhouette cardigan (wool mohair)
Muffler knitted with your favorite pattern (wool alpaca with air mixed into yarn)
One-handle knit bag (Merino style average thickness, Merino style extra thick)
Bird and Suzuran knitted mittens (Shetland wool)
High neck sweater (merino wool close to raw wool)

Product type: Book

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