DARUMA Falkland Wool


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Manufacturer: DARUMA
Product Name: Falkland Wool

A luxury yarn that mixes Falkland sheep and baby alpaca. As a result of Merri knitting swatches, let's buy this! The feeling of knitting was so good that I decided, and the result was wonderful.
Because it is so tight, you can get clear ropes.

wool(Falkland wool) 80%Alpaca 20% (Baby Alpaca)
50g / about 85 m

Needle used: Bar needles 11 to 13 and crochet 9 / 0 to 10 / 0
Standard gauge: 14.5 to 15.5 eyes, 20 to 22 stages (knitting)
Country of production: Japan

Product type: yarn

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