amirisu original darkening mushroom


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I made amirisu's original darkening mushroom.

Produced by Mr. Kotorisha who is requesting the production of an acorn case. Of course, it is a handmade work by 1 points. 2 types of walnut beach material are available for the umbrella.

Durning is one type of needlework that repairs worm holes and hook holes in clothing.
It can be used for practical purposes, but it can also be repaired with colored yarns.
There should be plenty of places to use, such as sweaters, socks, denim, and knees on trousers.

In the production, I asked Nao, who is doing the job of darning, to supervise it, so the comfort is perfect! In the future, we are also planning a workshop for durning.
I will put a print of how to durning.
There is no problem here for the basic method. Please try it out.

Size: Umbrella diameter 6cm, height 10.5cm, shaft diameter about 2.5cm
Material: White background: Beach, Brown: Walnut

* Because it is handmade, the grain of the wood is slightly different for each 1 point. Please note.

Product type: Notions

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