Daily Knitwear by Julie Hoover


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A featured book by Julie Hoover, a designer with a reputation for people familiar with English knitting patterns. Modern and simple, the design that seems to play an active part in both everyday and fashionable is a popular designer in Japan.

Select 10 points that have been published in the past and translate them into Japanese for this book. Photos are also newly taken with Japanese models.
1 books that can be used throughout 1, from light haori for spring and summer to fall / winter knitwear.

All patterns are written in text format, and videos that are unique to overseas techniques that are difficult to write with text are prepared at the URL specified in the book. There are also readings such as how to block that are common in overseas patterns and how to take gauges in detail.

Of course, all yarns are ready for shopping at amirisu. Please look forward to it!

table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Designer introduction
3. Works (10 points, wear 8 points, accessory 2 points)
4. Before starting knitting (Introduction of yarn used, size selection, care for sweaters, techniques)
5. Pattern collection
Introducing 6. Amirisu

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