Cotton Steel Print fabric (Cotton / Linen)

Cotton + Steel

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Brand COTTON + STEEL launched by popular 5 designers from American fabric manufacturer RJR. Cotton hemp canvas series that is ideal for backing.

Material: 55% linen 45% cotton (canvas fabric)
Width: About 110cm
Length: Sold in 50cm units. (If you need 2m, 50cm x 4, so enter 4 as the number.)

<About Shipping> I will send it to the size that fits in the mail service. Since the mail service has a thickness limit, if it becomes an amount that can not be handled by the mail service, we will send it out by ordinary Yamato mail. In that caseRequest for differencePlease be forewarned.

<Cancellation> There is a separate cancellation policy when purchasing fabric by bank transfer.
Link destinationPlease read "Cancellation Policy for Bank Transfer".

Melody Miller, a textile designer who also works for Cocca's Ruby Star line. Alexia Marcelle Abegg, a fashion designer and patternner. Kimberly Kight, a passionate collector of vintage fabrics. Rashida Coleman-Hale, a sewing book writer with experience as a graphic designer. Sarah Watts, a book illustrator and artist.
Sophisticated pop design created by five designers, each with their own talents, bringing together their sensibilities and collaborating.

Using high-quality cotton, we manufacture fabrics and prints at our factory in Kyoto. Fabric made with great attention to design and quality.

<Before use>
Cotton fabric has the property of shrinking by about 3 ~ 5% when wet, so we recommend watering before cutting. Watering can prevent shrinkage and shape loss.

Product type: Fabric

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