Nut button TK-4 (6 pieces)


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I chose a plain nut button. There are plenty of colors, fun and cute like sweets!

Online is all 6 pieces.If you select quantity 1, you will get 6 buttons.
* We do not sell roses. Please understand.

Nut buttons are cut from natural materials, so unlike plastic buttons, there are scratches that are not a problem for use, and there are uneven colors and patterns. If you are worried about variations, we recommend purchasing a “nut-style button” at a general handicraft store. In addition, extreme drying is prohibited, so please never put it in the dryer.

Size: 18mm / 20mm / 23mm

Color: W White / IV Ivory / 2 Brown / 3 Dark Brown / BE Beige / 7 Olive / 5 Gray / 12 Navy / B Black

Product type: Notions

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