Restfolk hanging insect repellent block


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House-type hanging insect repellent block.
You can decorate the fir tree during the Christmas season and then lower it to the closet.

A camphor tree that has long been known to have insect repellent effects on natural insect repellents.
Camphor, which purifies camphor tree by steam distillation, has a unique natural incense that cannot be scientifically made, and has a deodorizing and relaxing effect.
It is a valuable item that can only be taken from 100kg to about 1kg.

Set the enclosed Restfolk natural insect repellent on the back and hang it in a closet.
The effect is about half a year. If the powder inside is goneclick herePlease replace with.

* Please read the notes on the back of the product before use.

Size: W6.5 × D2.5 × H10 cm

Product type: Notions

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