Amish style casserole


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A simple Amish style tabletop casserole.
It is made of simple parts and can be assembled immediately when used. Also, if you break it up, it will be cleaned up, so you won't take up space.
It is especially recommended for those who can not attach to the desk if it is a normal type. Because it is a tabletop type, you can choose any location.
(If the type is sandwiched between tables, there may be problems such as the top plate hurts, the top plate is too thick to be sandwiched, etc. There are many scratches.)

With a simple mechanism, the diameter can be changed according to the size of the casket.

※ Since this can only be shipped as a single item, the price includes shipping. Please be aware that orders with other products will be sent separately.

Size when assembled: Diameter about 50cm
Box size: 11cm x 63cm x 8cm

Product type: Notions

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