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Looking at the gift show, my heart was so cutechitose.KSan miscellaneous goods.

The cloth and the poses and facial expressions that you see when things and people suddenly appear, and the lovely gestures that you can see for a moment.
In order to create a work with a lively expression, such as the condition of cotton, the thickness and length of the limbs, and the balance of the eyes and facial expressions, the finishing work is done manually by the atelier one by one. The

This time I chose dolls, white brooches, and cloth animals. Every face has a different face by 1 points! The atmosphere is the same, but please note that the photo may look slightly different from the photo.

flag doll: Made of cloth. The ribbon is ceramic. Height 7cm.
humming girl: made of cloth. Height 9.5cm
ookami: Made of cloth. Width 9cm.
usagi: Made of cloth. Width 11cm.
mokulace: Pottery. Width 5cm, height 4cm.

1973Born in Fukuoka City. Lives in Tokyo.
After graduating from Bunka Fashion College, she worked as an apparel patternner, designer, and instructor at a dressmaking class. 2009A yearchitose.KAs independent.

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