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CarryT Interchangeable Bamboo Tunisian Hook Set


From Tulip, this beautiful bamboo interchangeable hook set has a unique system that makes tightening and unscrewing hooks easy and requires no tools. With even joins, the rotary cable prevents twisting, while the hooks will not loosen while crocheting.

Set Contains 10 Bamboo Hooks:
Hook Sizes: E-4 (3.50mm), G-6 (4.00mm), 7 (4.50mm), H-8 (5.00mm), I-9 (5.50mm), J-10 (6.00mm), K-10.5 (6.50mm), * (7.00mm), L-11 (8.00mm), M-13 (9.00mm)
3 Cables: 24"/ 60cm, 32"/ 80 cm, 40"/ 100cm
1 Adapter
2 Cable Stoppers
2 Tapestry Needles
1 Gauge Ruler with a Built-In Yarn Cutter

Type: Notions

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