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Atelier Brunette

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The fabric of Atelier Brunette in Paris has arrived.
Atelier Brunette is a fabric manufacturer established by Annabelle in 2013.
We continue to propose creative and fashionable fabrics by fusing modern graphics and high-quality materials.
The design is in France and the print is in India.

Material: 100% rayon
Width: About 136cm
Length: Sold in 50cm units. (If you need 2m, 50cm x 4, so enter 4 as the number.)

<About Shipping> I will send it to the size that fits in the mail service. Since the mail service has a thickness limit, if it becomes an amount that can not be handled by the mail service, we will send it out by ordinary Yamato mail. In that caseRequest for differencePlease be forewarned.

<About cancellation>There is a separate cancellation policy for purchasing fabrics by bank transfer.
Link destinationPlease read "Cancellation Policy for Bank Transfer".

Product type: Fabric

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