amirisu Issue 15


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The theme of this issue is texture. In order to make the knitted fabric stand out, 9 points (set of 7 points + hat and muffler) knitted in monotone are posted. The feature article introduces interviews with Kyoto's knitwear designer Setsuko Torii and collections of patterns.

Other Lori projects and recipes.

All knitting methods are published in Japanese.

The print version includes a download code. You can download the entire data to your iPhone, iPad, PC, etc.
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Soft cover, 116 page.

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Feature and Theme: Texture

Nine (7 plus a hat & a scarf set) patterns including pullovers, a shawl, and accessories.

A mitten pattern from Lori Ann Graham.

A featured interview with Setsuko Torii, a knitwear designer based in Kyoto.

Plus, an artwork by Maha Durham, a recipe, and more.

Download Code: A Ravelry download code of the entire magazine is printed on the back of the cover.

Printed in Canada by Hemlock Printers

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Product type: Book

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