amirisu Issue 14


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9 month 28 day release!

This feature is a London guide. 3 people from London have recommended places to visit. The theme of the work is warm pink clothing and accessories 8 that you can wear in the mood of traveling in London. All knitting methods are published in Japanese.

(The free online version is the same as before, and the pattern is sold separately.)

The print version includes a download code. You can download the entire data to your iPhone, iPad, PC, etc.
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Soft cover, 116 page.

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Feature: Craft Guide to London

Theme: London, Pink

8 pattens including pullovers, a shawl, and accessories.

Download Code: A Ravelry download code of the entire magazine is printed on the back of the cover.Printed in Canada by Hemlock Printers.

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Product type: Book

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