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Manufacturer: DARUMA
Product Name: SASAWASHI
Kuma coffee Japanese paper 100% (water-repellent), approx.48m / 25g
Made in Japan

Needle used: Crochet 5 / 0 to 7 / 0
Standard gauge: 16 to 18 eyes, 6 to 7 stages (long knitting)

Newly arrived from DARUMA, this summer yarn is suitable for knitting bags and hats.
I want to knit a summer clutch, but it's hard to find a natural material that feels good. You can easily make clutches that are sold at shops with decorations or a little ingenuity.
Although it is Japanese paper, it has a water repellent finish, so it repels water (the water repellent effect fades away) If it gets wet, the strength will drop, but if it gets dry, it will return. It features the natural antibacterial, deodorant and UV protection of Kumaimo.

reference:Click here for the completed work image.

Product type: yarn

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