HiyaHiya ring needle 23cm US0 ~ US2


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Stainless steel needle from HiyaHiya. It is very light and once used, the other needles feel heavy.
There is no metal-specific odor like other companies' products.
23cm also appeared! This is to knit small rings such as socks with a magic loop.
For troublesome people. You can also use it for gloves.
Choose from two types of needle tips: normal (sufficiently sharp) and sharp (very sharp).

Product Details
Needle: Stainless
Needle length: 4.8cm
Cord length: 23cm
made in China

US0 / 2.0mm
US1 / 2.25mm
US1.5 / 2.5mm
US2 / 2.75mm

Product type: needles / hooks

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