Buffalo button 564 Horn (with 6 pieces)


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High quality and simple buffalo buttons are available. A lot of designs are picked up to fit the sweater.

Online is all 6 pieces.If you select quantity 1, you will get 6 buttons.
* We do not sell roses. Please understand.

Because buffalo buttons are cut out of natural materials, unlike plastic buttons, there are scratches that do not cause problems and there are uneven colors and patterns. If you are worried about variations, we recommend purchasing a “buffalo-style button” at a general handicraft store. In addition, extreme drying is prohibited, so please never put it in the dryer.

The buffalo button 564 is frosted and the center is slightly recessed.

It is a mens-like 3 color development.

Size: 18mm / 20mm / 25mm

Color: Light Brown / Medium Brown / Dark Brown

Product type: Notions

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