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The linen fabric that is perfect for the coming season has arrived from fog linen work. As the concept of linen that can be used at home is the concept, it is a fabric that is excellent in water absorption, dries quickly, and can be used in a washing machine.

It's nice to apply the iron firmly, and it's nice to wear it and get used to the skin. Please make your own shawl and clothes.

The width is 150cm. Length is sold in 50cm units. (If you need 2m, 50cm x 4, so enter 4 as the number.)
Made in Lithuania
* Sold as a fabric. Please note that it is not a product such as clothes or shawls.

fog linen work book "FLW Sewing and Style" publishedIdeal for making patterns. There are a lot of very nice patterns that are beautifully finished.

<About Shipping>It will be sent to the size that fits into the mail service. Since the mail service has a thickness limit, if it becomes an amount that can not be handled by the mail service, we will send it out by ordinary Yamato mail. In that caseRequest for differencePlease be forewarned.

<About cancellation>There is a separate cancellation policy for purchasing fabrics by bank transfer.
Link destinationPlease read "Cancellation Policy for Bank Transfer".

About linen
Linen is particularly strong among natural materials, and increases its strength when wet. Since the inside of the fiber is hollow, it is characterized by excellent water absorption and quick drying. In addition, it is hard to accumulate bacteria and can be used cleanly.
At first it has a crisp and crisp feel, but as it is washed it changes to a soft and voluminous feel.
When water is passed for the first time, it shrinks by about 5%, so please wash it once, arrange it and dry it before processing.

About NEP
In some cases, you may see knots of yarn formed by intertwining fibers called nep, which are peculiar to fabrics woven using natural fibers on the fabric surface. If it stands out, it will become inconspicuous if it is pushed into the back of the fabric using a pointed object.

About washing
You can wash as usual in the washing machine. However, please avoid using detergent with fluorescent brightening agent as it may cause color unevenness. Please refrain from using a dryer or washing in hot water as the fabric will shrink and damage the texture. The dark fabric will lose its color, so wash it separately from the white one for the first few times.

Product type: Fabric

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