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Weaving lesson, where nao is the instructor. We offer 2 types of simple circular weaving and wooden frame weaving that is one step further.
Circular weaving is easier and more cute than weaving in a wooden frame, and is recommended for everyone.
The wooden frame weave can be plain weave or picture weave, making tapestry, coasters, bags, pouches, cushions, etc. (We will teach you how to make it.) Basic weaving lesson.

The materials for the first time are available here, so it is okay if you have the items you have written.
Let's enjoy simple weaving together.

* If the representative applies for multiple people
Please fill in the remarks column with the names of all those who are not representatives..
★ Sold out because it is currently full.
Recruitment will be resumed if vacancies and lesson days increase.

・ Saturday: From 11 to 13
Ask for the desired date when applying for the first time and decide the lesson date.
To check the lesson date,Please click here.

Walnut Tokyo
Address: Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 3-15-4 Casa Aoyama 102

First lesson fee (weaving machine and materials included)
Circular weave: 7,000 circle
Wooden frame weave: 8,000 yen
All materials and instructor fees are set. With tea.
・ If you want to continue the lesson after the first lesson is completed, make a reservation each time on the opening day of the Tokyo store on Saturday and pay the lesson fee 1 yen (tax excluded) directly to the instructor for 5,000 times. For details on the continuation, please contact the teacher directly during the lesson.
・ In both cases, the course starts with applying warp to the weaving machine. Please note that it cannot be completed by the first time alone.

Circular weave
・ Stripes used for knitting (sold at shops)
・ Scissors (for cutting yarn)
Wooden frame weave
・ A staple used for ordinary knitting (sold at shops)
・ Vegetable chopsticks (33-36㎝ length) used for cooking can be round bars as thick as chopsticks
・ Fork (ordinary fork used for pasta)
・ Scissors (for cutting yarn)

He lives in Kanagawa, is a creator with a lot of exploration that there may be something that he hasn't made, such as dyeing and weaving, rug hooking, raffia knitting, making preserved foods, and handmade cosmetics. Regular workshops on rug hooking, raffia, miso making and plum work are held in the Kanto area. In addition to the features apart from the Japanese, he is also the owner of an outstanding sense.

"important point"
・ Children are not allowed.
・ Basically, there is no refund for the fee once transferred.
・ If you are absent, we will respond by transfer. (It may not be possible)

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